Hello there! Welcome to Allergy Friendly Chocolate. I’m Techla, The Head Chocolatier here.

I’ll be your guide on this magical journey into the realms of Willy Wonka. Here though, you won’t be a passive observer; here you’ll be right at the heart of things, creating your very own, allergy safe chocolate factory, right there at home.

You’ll learn to create a wealth of scrumptious confections; little bites of mouth watering goodness; moments of pleasure; free from the fear of an allergic reaction.

You’ll be the bringer of joy to the people in your life who, because of food allergies, are denied the pleasure a box of chocolates can bring.

You will become a true food hero.

How Do I Know?

Because I’ve experienced all of those things first hand, both as someone with food allergies, and as someone who made allergy safe chocolates professionally.

As the owner of Ayni Chocolate I served countless customers who had severe, life threatening food allergies. They entrusted me with their lives, and the lives of their children and loved ones. That’s a mighty humbling experience, and a huge responsibility.

You are amazing! The chocolates are so good. The fennel one works wells and The Black Forest is gorgeous. My favourite has to be the mint choc chip because one of my favourite chocolates was a mint aero and yours reminds  me so much of it but with natural ingredients.

You can read more about Ayni Chocolate in this article by Lancashire Life magazine.

Growing Beyond Chocolate

Because food is my great love, and food allergies weren’t going to stop me, I became a bit of an expert at creating allergy safe alternatives. Some of these I turned into packet mixes which I sold under the name Ayni Vitality.

One customer said of my allergy and paleo friendly bread mix:

‘You are a genius! Finally got round to making the tigernut bread and it is AMAZING! It looks like bread, tastes like bread and even has a crust like bread.

Over the years I took part in multiple workshops and food fairs, culminating in a 3 day session in the WI food theatre at Alexandra Palace.

The greatest takeaway from that experience was that I was able to convey the message that the products I was demonstrating could be made easily at home.  No great chefing experience required!

Many audience members told me that I made it all very easy and achievable – something I believe I have carried into the Allergy Friendly Chocolate courses.

So What Went Wrong?

I suppose you could say that I became a victim of my own success.

As the business grew, I had to have my chocolate grinders going for longer and longer periods of time. This would’ve been fine had I had a commercial kitchen (something which was on the horizon). In a home kitchen though, it was quite simply a nightmare for me, and my family.

After much deliberation, and a great deal of heartbreak (and some emotional pleading from my favourite customers!) I pulled the plug on Ayni in mid 2017, 3 years after I’d birthed her.

And Then What Happened?

Well… everyone kept going on about how much they missed my chocolate! Truth be told, I missed making it too.

I mulled over the idea of rebirthing Ayni, but the situation was still impossible. The family begged me not to start making chocolate again, and much I was tempted, I knew it wouldn’t work.

I’ve been in the education field, in one way or another, for over 20 years, and so the next best option was to teach people to make their own. And that’s how Ayni Secrets was born in November of 2018.

Many of my former customers once again put their trust in me, buying the first iteration of The Complete Course. You can see some of their creations by looking at the instagram hashtag #aynisecrets.

Now, a year later, I’m excited to invite you to join me here at Ayni Secret’s new home. The new name – Allergy Friendly Chocolate – came from chats with customers old and new. I think you’ll agree that it makes more sense to have a name that ‘does what it says on the tin’!

PS: If you’ve watched the little teaser video you might’ve noticed that I did a bit of a ‘Mrs Malaprop’ and used the word ‘imbibe’ when I really meant ‘infuse’! I decided to leave it in and keep it real. Also the eagle eyed may notice that the video is under the name ‘The Sensory Coach’ which is the project I started in early 2018 to bring together all of sensory related my passions in one place. The chocolate course has lived there whilst I created its new home here at AllergyFriendlyChocolate.com.

Feel free to go and have a nose around over at www.thesensorycoach.com maybe take The Sensory Types Quiz whilst you’re there.