The Courses

The Sample Lesson ~ $7

The sample lesson is for you if you want to experience the teaching style of Allergy Friendly Chocolate courses, before committing to one of the ‘proper’ courses. Your $7 is redeemable against The Beginner and The Complete Bundle, if you decide you like the content style.

In the lesson you’ll learn how to make the basic chocolate that’s used throughout the other courses.

The Complete Course ~ $99

The Complete Course is for you if you love a bargain and extra special bonus material!

You’ll learn how to make a variety of chocolates from super simple barks and dipped fruit, all the way up to Christmas puddings and caramel or banoffee filled truffles. 

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The Beginner's Course ~ $39

The Beginner’s Course is for you if you want to learn to make super simple but delicious chocolates, but don’t want to commit to the cost of The Complete Course.

You’ll learn how to make dark, white and coloured chocolate. How to create simple but effective and delicious chocolate barks, crisps and endlessly modifiable moulded chocolates.

NB if you decide that you’d like to upgrade to The Complete Course, you’ll receive a discount code for $39 that you can redeem against the cost.

The Intermediate Course ~ $39

The Intermediate Course is for you if you want to take your chocolate making to the next level but don’t want to commit to The Complete Course… but you’ll miss the delicious bonuses!!

You’ll learn how to chocolate dip fruit and biscuits, create date chocolate eclairs, and make three types of truffle.

The Advanced Course ~ $49

The Advanced Course is for you if you’ve taken The Beginner’s and Intermediate Courses and want to complete your chocolate adventure, and want to spread the cost over a self determined period of time.

You will earn how to make rochers and florentines, fancy chocolate dipped fondants, filled chocolates and the pièce de résistance: Chocolate Christmas Puddings.

Coming Soon...

The Easter Course

When you take the Easter Course, you'll learn how to make the most authentic tasting, allergy friendly creme eggs ever! Over 2 years in the making, these alone are worth taking the course for! You'll also learn how to make a hollow Easter Egg.

The Valentine's Course

The Valentine's Course is the perfect way to spoil yourself or a loved one.

You'll learn to make Figues D'Amore, raspberry and white chocolate hearts, and a rather cheeky allergy friendly Chocolate Body Paint...

The Chocolate Club

The Chocolate Club is a monthly membership where we'll learn to create something new and delicious every month.

Members will get to help shape the content and can challenge me to create allergy friendly versions of favourite chocolate confections.

The Professional Course

This course is for you if you want to create allergy friendly chocolate in a professional capacity, or just want to make the best chocolate you possibly can at home.
I'll share all my knowledge of how to run a successful chocolate business, AND I'll even share my secret chocolate recipes with you. Why? Because I believe that Ayni Chocolate was one of the most delicious allergy friendly chocolates available, and it's a shame for it to be kept in the pages of a dusty recipe book.

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